We are devoted to developing effective packaging specifications and testing of packaging that is relevant to each product. Our relationships with both local and international suppliers allows us to source high quality, cost effective packaging that keeps up with current trends using our eastern and western sourcing hubs.

Our company is entrusted with work from local as well as multinational companies, and has developed a standing with our customers as an accomplished and dependable partner. Our facility manufactures products that have attained several Marie Claire awards and one product range is even endorsed by the Plastics Surgeons association of South Africa.

MICROBEL boasts a team of scientists, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, chemists and compounders. This advanced team of professionals is dedicated to delivering top quality and effective service to its clients. We hold the highest grade ISO rating: ISO 22716

MICROBEL is GMP-­certified for contract manufacturing of oil-­in-­ water emulsions, water-­‐in-­oil emulsions, creams, ointments, water-­based cosmetics, lotions and sunscreens. MICROBEL’s success can be measured by its renowned clients.
We manufacture locally for various well-­known brands and retailers.

Furthermore, MICROBEL exports to an array of established international clients.
MICROBEL continues to be recognized for its superior service delivery, advanced technologies and consistent innovative success.